Why you should subdivide in Auckland?

With the Auckland population increasing, subdividing your land may be the best way for you to create wealth and live the lifestyle you and your family deserve.
What is subdivision in Auckland?
What is subdivision?
Subdivision is the process where your land is divided from one legal title, into two legal titles or more. So one property, becomes two properties (or more).
Subdivision scenario 1 example:
John Smith owns a $1m property; he subdivides it into two lots (the family home and backyard) spending $150,000 for the subdivision. When John decides to sell, Lot 1 sells for $900,000 (family home) and lot 2 sells for $500,000 (backyard). John is $250,000 better off from subdividing. John has unlocked his wealth $$$
Subdivision scenario 2 example:
Wendy owns a $1m property; she subdivides it into two lots (the family home and backyard) spending $150,000 for the subdivision. Wendy decides to keep Lot 1 (family home) and give lot 2 worth $500,000 to her children (backyard). Wendy’s children now have a property that they can sell for $500,000. Wendy’s family have unlocked their wealth $$$ It is our passion to do the subdivision process for you, so you and your family can live the lifestyle you deserve. NOW is the time to unlock your lands wealth potential.
Why subdivide in Auckland
Why subdivide?
END RESULT of subdivision process: Newly created titles to your land! YOU ARE NOW IN A POSITITION TO UNLOCK THE WEALTH POTENTIAL OF YOUR LAND.
Options can include:
  • Turn the section(s) into cash by selling
  • Build a house(s) on the section(s) and turn it into cash by selling
  • Keep the house(s) for rental income
  • Family members can live in the new house(s)
  • Give the section(s) to family members
Whether your goal is to reduce your mortgage, free up capital or give land to family, Land Dividers Limited. is experienced in the Auckland property market, and can talk to you about these options if you wish.
Now’s the time to unleash your lands potential! We’re currently offering a FREE, NO OBLIGATION site assessment meeting.