Our subdivision process

We are experienced at tailoring our process to each client’s individual situation. We understand subdivisions differ on a case by case basis; your subdivision process may be different from the generic guideline given below.
Viability Report

Stage 1:
Viability Report

After our first on-site meeting, you can decide to purchase the Land Dividers Viability Report that includes:
  • Surveyor’s initial report
  • 2 real estate agent appraisals of current land value
  • 2 real estate agent appraisals of end land value (after subdivision)
  • General estimates of cost of subdivision
  • Lawyer’s summary of options

Added bonus: This report can be used to help you borrow for subdivision costs!
Obtain Council Permission

Stage 2:
Obtain Council Permission

If you wish to proceed, we act as your agent for the subdivision.
  • Obtain and discuss loan documentation for subdivision costs
  • Give legal advice regarding loans
  • Hold loan money in our trust account on your behalf
  • Obtain specific quotes for your approval from professionals required for council consent (eg. surveyor, engineer, soil analysts, draughtsperson)
  • Project manage all professionals required to prepare documentation for council consent
  • Make payment to professionals once incurred
  • Obtain council subdivision consent as efficiently and economically as possible
Construct and Complete

Stage 3:
Construct and Complete

  • Obtain specific quotes for your approval from subcontractors to meet council conditions (eg. Drain layers, driveway, internet, power, gas, electricity)
  • Project manage all subcontractors to complete the construction required for council consent
  • Make payment to subcontractors once work is complete
  • Liaise with surveyor
  • Prepare legal documentation required for the issue of new titles, including council and/or service provider easements
  • Lodge legal documentation with Land Information NZ
  • Provide you with newly created titles to your land
The service we offer is a trustworthy “one-stop shop” service aimed at making subdivision easy and stress free for you.