Why Land Dividers?


We work with the law firm of Atmore & Co. Through them, we offer the unique service of being able to hold your money (the subdivision cost) in their lawyers trust account. So, no matter what happens, your money is secure.


We keep it simple for you, by spending hours liaising with various professionals and subcontractors, so you don’t have to!


We work with our Land Dividers Limited Panel of recommended professionals and contractors, including surveyors, planners, engineers, tax experts, mortgage brokers, and service contractors.

Now’s the time to unleash your lands potential! We’re currently offering a FREE, NO OBLIGATION site assessment meeting.


“Land Dividers are a trustworthy and friendly team that provided a cost effective and efficient service for my 3 lot subdivision. They took me through the entire subdivision process, looking after my interests throughout the project and dealing with tricky unforeseeable problems. I would definitely recommend Land Dividers to anyone who wants to create wealth for their family. As a result of the subdivision and selling 2 lots, I was able to purchase elsewhere while also keeping the family home.”